Iceland Thrills

Part of spending 12 days of touring Iceland with your 12-year-old means adding in some extra thrills geared for kids (big ones as well as little ones), and that can be anything from zodiac rides around icebergs to a 70-kilometer per hour snow machine sprint on a glacial ice cap.

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Iceland Contrasts: Boiling Mud and More Rainbows

What is wild is the contrasting scenery we see in the course of a mid-day drive during Day Two of our visit to Myvatn and the area just beyond it. First, Grjotagja, a steaming underground grotto (once a “hot pot” where locals soaked until shifting streams of magma made it too hot). Then, a black, smoking hillside. After that, we crest a hill and descend into a world of southwestern U.S. reds and browns. and we’re in Hverir, where mud boils and rocks blow off steam.

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Whale Watching in Husavik

IMG_4637Not everyone in my family loves the sea. “Eat all of your corn flakes,” says my husband to our 12-year-old at breakfast before we head off to board our Zodiac, “so you’ll have something to throw up.”

But, this trip, no worries. We have blue skies and relatively smooth seas and see dolphins and one hump-backed whale with Gentle Giants!

Where We Wish We Had Stayed

Riding at Skjaldarvik

Riding at Skjaldarvik

We keep seeing really cute places where we are not staying and wish we were. Here are three. All are farms, two have horseback riding (which means you can get up and go see the horses in the morning) and two have killer restaurants, at which we ate. And enjoyed immensely! Continue reading

Thermal Pools and Disco Slides


Myvatn Nature Baths

“Shower naked.” That’s the mantra at Icelandic thermal pools. They are serious about keeping them clean! None of this rinse-off-in-the-shower-with-your-suit-on-before-you-get-in-the-pool stuff. We’ve been hitting ‘em since Day One, when we hit two in Reykjavik. The first was a neighborhood pool with a medium-sized slide (closed, unfortunately), a waterfall, a floating hot dog to play on and three hot tubs with gradually increasing temperatures. But then we hit the BEST one: Laugardalslaug. HUGE! Eighty-three meter enclosed disco slide that goes from open to black (eek!) to disco lighting!

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