This Morning’s Run on the Edge of Vatnajokull

20140825-055413.jpgThe Vatnajokull glacier is in the mountains behind me, beyond that, Bardarbunga is starting to erupt. But here, on on Iceland’s main road, Route 1, it’s quiet. Just me, with a few sheep as my running partners, and the vastness of the southern part of Iceland. Call me #inspiredbyiceland Continue reading

Whale Watching in Husavik

IMG_4637Not everyone in my family loves the sea. “Eat all of your corn flakes,” says my husband to our 12-year-old at breakfast before we head off to board our Zodiac, “so you’ll have something to throw up.”

But, this trip, no worries. We have blue skies and relatively smooth seas and see dolphins and one hump-backed whale with Gentle Giants!