From Glaciers to Coastal Walks

From Reykjavik we headed north and west to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula; here are a few highlights.

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Environmental Thoughts

IMG_4252On our way to Thingvellir (to see Geysir and Gullfoss) we pick up two hitchhikers who, it turns out, had just attended the biennial
International Society for Ecological Economics. On the road, we admire a rainbow, stop for a photo opĀ  (hope you can see it at left) and they tell us about the conference. Linda describes it as “degrowth,” having people work less and have more free time–sign me up for that! More time for travel. But, oops, travel involves planes and planes are a to be avoided, according to our new friends. “Even though they emit only 2% of global co2 emissions? And 12% of all transport emissions?” I ask.

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