The View From Ty’n y Mynyndd

Looking for your roots is not exactly high adventure for a ten-year-old and a 16-year-old and the whole endeavor had begun to IMG_0976pale for my two daughters, especially after we spent an hour in the Isle of Anglesey County Council offices in Llangefni Monday morning. At this point, we had found four Ty’n y Mynyndds. The first, which we’d seen Sunday, the second, in Pentraeth Forest, sort of on the other side of Mynyndd Bodafon. We pass a third on one of our drives and see a fourth farther north on one of our maps. “Are we going to go to all of those Ty’n y Mynyndds?” my daughters wanted to know; my 16-year-old expressing indignation and resignation at the eccentricities of her aging mother. “Uh, no,” I say regretfully, although I love the sound of Pentraeth Forest and would love to visit that one. Good thing I’m in the travel industry. I know I’ll be back. But once we found the right one, they loved it. Here’s what we saw and heard. –


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