Ski With The Girls

Ski With The Girls

Ski Like A Girl, With the Girls

I love Alta’s weekly “Ski with the Girls” program. It’s women. No kids, no hubbies. And what do you do? Ski and talk. It’s a total gabfest on skis.

But if you think that means less skiing, think again.  I skiied with the girls last week and that was the day I skied the most–a total of 20,000 vertical feet,  half of it on my morning ski with the girls. Alta provides hosts for the group and these are women who grew up at Alta, or whose kids are racers, or who have some other serious Alta ski pedigrees. So when I’ve skied with the girls at Alta, I’ve skied the far reaches of Catherine’s, East Greely and Glory Hole. I wouldn’t ski any of these on my own.

These are runs I might do with my brother, who lives in Salt Lake. But with ski with the girls, I get the kind of skiing I get when I ski with the Rice boys–but with the girls. So it’s different–because it’s with the girls!

We are talking the whole time. Every lift ride, you’re riding with a different group of women. And it doesn’t matter what who you are or where you’re from–New York, Salt Lake City, India, Australia, southern California–we find lots to talk about. Skiing, kids, schools, Alta history, the economy, jobs, how we got to were we are today, you name it, we talk about it.

Next year Ski With the Girls will be ten years old. Alta started it to make the resort seem more accessible to women. Half a dozen Alta “hosts,” women employed by Alta, take you all over the mountain. They’ll divide into groups a lot of time, depending on participants’ ambition and skill level. It’s 9:30 every Tuesday at the coffee shop at Watson’s Shelter under the Collin’s Lift.

Next time you’re at Alta on a Tuesday, head up to Watson’s at 9:30. Grab a cup of some excellent joe–and head out. I promise you, you’ll come back energized. Because you’re skiing with the girls.


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