College Fam Redux


I was being unrealistic last September when I wrote “winding up.” Because I should have known that we’d be heading back to at least a couple of campuses in April in those weeks just before the May 1 decision deadline.

Which is why I now find myself in a bar in Portland, Maine, eating chicken wings, drinking a local India Pale Ale and watching “Hard Target,”

a 1993 Jean Van Damme movie (I had to google it on to find out what the movie was, who was in it and more about the whole kickboxing genre, not to mention Van Damme himself).

It’s all part of a two-day, three-campus whirl, with reunions with my daughter’s many friends in Portland and Brunswick interspersed in between. Those reunions are the reason I’m eating dinner in a bar, because she is attending a presentation on ocean ecology with her environmentally minded friends.

But I loved dropping her off at the presentation because it took me through yet another glorious neighborhood of grand mansions, Portland’s Spring Street. No matter what school we’ve visited in Maine, we’ve seen wonderfully extravagant mansions, some brick, some wooded, some with turrets, some with widow’s walks with sweeping ocean views. It’s made for some great runs.

Even though I’ve lived on the East Coast for 25 years, Maine is new to me, I only started visiting it two years ago. But I fell in love with its architecture. So when daughter number two starts her college search, if she wants to look at Maine schools, I’m there.


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