Single Stream vs. Open Carry

IMG_0125I’ve learned two new phrases during our visit to Colorado College: single stream and open carry.

At the cafeteria at Colorado College, I asked a student where to put my glass bottle, because I’m used to a separate recycling bin for bottles.

“Oh,” he said, pointing at the general recycling bin, “we’re single stream.”

Ah, I thought to myself as I walked out of the student center (noticing the rack for holding skateboards), gotta add that one to my vocabulary!

Then, a few hours and blocks away, my daughter and I walked into a cute little bakery on Bijou to buy a hostess gift for that evening. It’s just off Tejan, which is lined with coffee bars selling Fair Trade coffee, spice shops with bars of pink Himalayan salt, nice Italian restaurants, classic upscale but mellow shopping and restaurant district. The young woman behind the counter carefully arranged brownies and toffee bars in a pretty box for us, and the baker wandered out to chat with some friends. He was pretty classic looking, big stomach, friendly looking, wearing baggy shorts and a chili cook-off championship apron. And, I noticed, a big black Glock hooked onto his shorts.

I poked my daughter. “Look at that,” I whispered, “they really must have to protect their cupcakes here!” She gasped out loud.

So I asked the guy about Colorado gun laws. “Open carry,” he explained. Ah, I thought for the second time this visit, something new to add to my vocabulary. The baker said that the bakery closes late and there’s a group of homeless who hang out in a nearby park. Tough cookies, I guess.

My poor daughter had to endure my constant comments about “killer cupcakes” all afternoon long.


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