The Kid Perspective on the Norwegian Breakaway

I am not really a cruise girl. I am a land-based vacationer. That said, I love cruise ships. They are an impressive piece of hardware. They are essentially Vegas on the high seas. When I go on a cruise, I don’t gain weight. I’m too impatient to wait for elevators. I take the stairs. I go to the gym. I attend every seminar there is about life at sea, including ones on navigation. I talk to the HR person (yes, a big cruise ship can have its own HR person). I rarely actually realize my cruise fantasy–to spend hours on a deck chair, watching the sea slip by, red plaid rug over my legs and an open book on my lap. There’s just too much to check out on the ship!

So, when Norwegian Cruise Line and Conde Nast Traveler held a family event aboard Norwegian’s newly launched Breakaway, I grabbed my youngest daughter, two of her friends and a mother who is as gung-ho about cruise ships as I am. Here’s the kid perspective.


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