Monday Morning Inspiration


Monday mornings can be tough for professional truants and their offspring, particularly those who love sleeping in on a drizzly Monday. So, when our car broke down in the middle of Central Park West, the timing wasn’t great. (On the bright side, at least it didn’t break down in the transverse going through Central Park! Now that would’ve been truly ugly!)

But instead of the breakdown worsening the morning, it brightened it. Thanks to AAA–not for the way it speedily dispatched a tow truck (although hats off to AAA for that). Instead, it was Eddie, the tow truck’s driver, and his tale of coming to America.

At age 25, he arrived in the United States from Guatemala with three little kids and $500. Now, one son works for the INS. His daughter is a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. And his other son is a Marine deployed in Afghanistan. Hats off to you Eddie, your kids and your spirit. It’s what makes America great.

Kate Rice


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