Bitcoin and Travel

bitcoin_logo_3d_perspectiveWhy I am writing about Bitcoin? Well, it’s actually quite interesting–and not just because I like the word cryptocurrency. It has some pretty cool efficiencies and I’m not the only travel person who thinks so. A few travel companies are starting to accept Bitcoin, which has some major advantages to offer retailers. For one thing, the cryptocurrency protects them from credit card fraud–which can cost companions milllions and requires them to invest heavily in systems designed to prevent such fraud. It also spares retailers those credit card fees.

They don’t have to worry about Bitcoin’s volatility, either, because exchanges instantly convert Bitcoin to dollars for them.

So, hey, if you can cut some of your costs of selling fun, what the heck? Especially since Bitcoin users are so passionate about their virtual currency, they flock to companies who take it.

But, Bitcoin has its dark side. Here’s what I found out about its pluses and minuses.


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