Arabian Nights in Rhodes

We leave Santorini reluctantly. I’m a little worried about Rhodes and how it can match up.
It does.First, our hotel is straight out of Tales of Arabian Nights.

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Set in the warren of streets that is Rhodes Old Town, our cabbie drops us off and gestures toward a narrow cobblestoned alley. Later we learn that most taxis would have dropped us in front of our hotel. But I like arriving by pulling our wheeled bags through winding cobblestone alleys.

And our hotel, the boutique Nikos Takis Fashion Hotel (Nikos and Takis were designers) is even better in reality that it was in photos. Gauzy curtains in burnt orange or sea blue drape the beds in our rooms, rich tapestries hang on walls and cover pillows, Oriental carpets cover the floor and the furniture is dark rich wood with filigreed metal trim. When we throw open the shutters of our 19th century building, we see medieval ramparts and the old port below us.

George, the general manager is a great resource, recommendingmuseums (the Palace of the Grand Master and the Archeological Museum)


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