Iceland Eats!

Okay my foodie friends, put this one on your list: Vid Tjornina on “The Pond.” And if you hear jokes about Iceland food, figure the tellers are trying to keep some great restaurants to themselves. We stumbled upon this gem (thank you Lonely Planet guide book!) which has recently moved to the Reykjavik City Hall.

The decor: a mix of Victorian plush and lace, a touch of 50s retro in the form of an old radio, set in a classic Scandinavian minimalist municipal building right on a lake! You walk across a pedestrian bridge to get there; the aesthetic of the place alone is worth the trip. But let’s get down to brass tacks here, the food! Our Langoustine soup was sublime, the blue ling (in the cod family), unbeatable, with roasted vegetables and a carrot mouse. And dessert, crazy! The three of us divvied up a rhubarb parfait with chocolate ganache and an olive oil chocolate cake with a touch of citrus and chocolate mousse. It’s not weird, it’s GREAT! Sign me #inspiredbyiceland


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