The Verdict on River Cruises

So, what do I think about river cruises?
Christg-Avalon-Vista-Visionary_035I dig ’em.

The difference between a big ship cruise and a small ship cruise is the difference between boarding a train and boarding a plane. You just walk on a train, no going through layers of security, no arriving hours in advance because you don’t know how long the security lines will be, no taking off your shoes and opening your bag. Continue reading

The Bridge Too Far–Arnhem

ArnhemBridgeIf you saw or read “A Bridge Too Far,” this is the bridge. If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, do. (As a matter of fact, I just downloaded it to read on my flight home). And if you’re ever in Arnhem, do not fail to visit the Airborne Museum, which is devoted to that battle and is located at the heart of where tens of thousands waged a battle that was truly epic in scale, tragedy and valiance. Continue reading