Homework Management: More Time to Play

IMG_5244Professional truants love playing hooky with our kids. But even we pros know we have to send our children to school. So we optimize playing hooky time with a good homework management system. Because our kids have a ton of work–just read experts like Donna Goldberg, author of “The Organized Student,” about their workload.

So, being a technology editor, I found good old Google offers a great way for helping my seventh grader manage assignments for her six (yes, six!) academic courses, plus music, plus art, as well as her after school activities. We started using Google Tasks and a great app, gTasks, that improves upon Google Tasks. Continue reading


France Says Thank You!

Dad in France on VE Day

Dad in the Dordogne, VE Day 1998

Nineteen-year-old PFC Jim Rice landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day+20, just one of the nearly 1.5 million Allied soldiers who were part of Operation Overlord, the Allied assault on German-occupied Western Europe that began June 6, 1944.

He got an eight-month grand tour as a medic with the 22nd Infantry Division, a tour that ended just short of Prum, Germany, on Valentine’s Day 1945, when he couldn’t outrun the shrapnel from an exploding shell . He got Last Rites twice, one Purple Heart and two citations for his service. And this week, he and the rest of his generation got a thank you from the French, with the launch of the Paris Regional Tourist Board’s  “We are Free. Merci” campaign. Continue reading