What We Did on Our Spring Break

Cousins, skiing, blue bird days, stormy days (dig the extra snow from that lake effect), pool time!

Mad River Glen

I’ve just met my new favorite East Coast ski area–Mad River Glen, an iconoclastic ski

Uncrowded Trails - Brian Mohr

area in a whole variety of ways. It’s a ski cooperative–that is, it’s owned by the skiers, which makes it one of a kind in North America. It’s one of just three ski areas that don’t allow snowboarders in (the other two are Alta–another favorite ski area of mine–and Deer Valley, both outside Salt Lake). It does minimal groomingand that only on its intermediate and novice runs. Its expert terrain and the trees and secret glades for which it’s famed stay untouched.No high-speed quads here. Mad River Glen has the last operating single chair lift in the U.S. MRG, as it’s known, is not about volume, it’s about experience. It has limited uphill capacity to keep its runs uncrowded.

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