Hyde Park and Horses

Years ago I stayed near Hyde Park in London and was enchanted by the sight on my morning run of dozens of horses out exercising. “They must be royal horses,” I thought, since I was so near Buckingham Palace.

So this morning, even though we just arrived last night, I head out first thing in the hopes of seeing the horses again. And I do! Click here to see what I saw–but they’re not royal, they’re police horses. But still, it’s pretty cool.


From Mayfair to Menai Straits

We start our day at the Athenaeum in Mayfair (I’m doing a story on it for work–I know, IMG_0907tough job, but someone has to do it!) and end it atCleifiog B&B in Beaumaris on the Strait of Menai. It’s a day of contrasts.

On my morning run I make my obligatory sweep past Buckingham Palace and then along the Serpentine in Hyde Park, where I’m rewarded with views of a few dozen beautiful police horses out for their morning jog.

Horses are the theme for the day. Continue reading