Vanderbilt? The Appeal of a Southern School


As we sat on the tarmac at the Twin Cities airport watching a spring storm bringing another six to 12 inches of snow to a city already mightily sick of winter, I thought, hmm, Vanderbilt. Should have given that school more thought!

Colorado. We come back with photos of Garden of the Gods. Minnesota, it’s photos of spring slush.

However, on the upside,
my daughter loves rainy days (must be the Irish in her). And the school she is considering here has a huge athletic center, built in part because of long winters. Continue reading

In Garrison Keilor’s Backyard

Northfield, Minn., is a college town. The desk clerk who checks us in at the Country Inn goes to St. Olaf’s and loves it. And one of the barristas at my new favorite coffee shop, the Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House, loves Carleton.IMG_1848

And I make new friends on my run–at the morning coffee klatch outside the coffee house, where about eight gentlemen are sitting out on the sidewalk chatting away. Continue reading