Ski With The Girls

Ski With The Girls

Ski Like A Girl, With the Girls

I love Alta’s weekly “Ski with the Girls” program. It’s women. No kids, no hubbies. And what do you do? Ski and talk. It’s a total gabfest on skis.

But if you think that means less skiing, think again.  I skiied with the girls last week and that was the day I skied the most–a total of 20,000 vertical feet,  half of it on my morning ski with the girls. Continue reading


Ski With the Girls

IMG_0437 Alta Coffee SkiOn mornings when I need an extra jolt of energy, I make myself a cup of coffee in a deep blue cup that has a big snowflake and the word “Alta” on it. As I take my first sip in that brief interlude before I rouse the rest of the family, the mound of foamy white milk on top prompts a quick flashback. It’s a bright mountain morning, crystalline powder reflecting the sun that’s breaking through the clouds that brought morning flurries. And I’m with a dozen or so of my new BFFs, skiing fresh powder on the steeps — not my forte. They’re telling me I’m great — and while I’m not great, I am doing far better than I expected. And one big reason I am is thanks to their encouragement. Continue reading