How to avoid airline change fees

1AAPlaneWingWatching airfares but unable to commit to a trip because of $200 change fees? Here’s how to beat them.

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What Is Travel Distribution, Anyway?

Welcome to my day job: travel distribution.

You can’t buy a hotel room, a plane seat or a hot air balloon ride over the Loire Valley off a shelf. They’re intangibles. You can’t pay for them, put them in a bag and take them home. And, they’re ephemeral. The sun sets, the plane takes off, the balloon goes up, and poof! the chance to make any money on that hotel bed, plane seat or balloon gondola is gone.

So we buy them off virtual shelves–travel agencies, online travel agencies, suppliers’ own websites (suppliers are the folks who make the travel product–airlines, hoteliers, cruise lines, adventure tour operators, cooking schools, I think you got the picture here!) Continue reading