Looking Back

photo (25)It’s been exactly a year since our little adventure, so what’s next?

First, finding out who owns Ty’n y Mynyndd now and how that came to be. I’m starting that research now.

And then, a family stay at Ty’n y Mynyndd!

The Right Ty’ n Mynynnd


We almost didn’t find Ty’n y Mynyndd. But luck (or a druid) put three people in our path who were able to help us. There was one long, discouraging moment near the top of Mynyndd Bodafon (Bodafon Mountain) when we nearly got stuck in a giant rut that passed for a road. I thought we wouldn’t find it, that this trip would be a fun sightseeing trip, but not the trip in which three generations traveling together find the home my daughters’ great- great-grandfather had left. But then the third person, a white-haired man, mackintosh coat whipping in the wind, came striding around the corner of the rutted dirt road we’d parked on, his dog running circles around him. And he gave us the final piece of the puzzle. Continue reading