College Fam Trip Redux–the Weird Things

IMG_0167Prison guards, haunted houses and lots of giggles. Those all part of our college visits last year. That’s mostly what I’m now remembering, with my daughter very happily ensconsed in what is just the right school for her. But a friend is going through her second college search with daughter Number Two and it is clear that the college search is like labor. You forget. So here’s something to help you remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel! 


Us and the New Jersey Department of Corrections

IMG_0167A friend’s travails with her own daughter’s college search reminded me of one of our adventures last year. My daughter says that when she travels, wacko things happen. Nah, I said. Travel’s all about having wacko stuff happen because you’re some place new.

Then the tire blew on our cab’s car, a mile from Newark and right next to the  New Jersey Northern State Prison right next to the airport. There it was: guard towers, fences with barbed wire and vigilant guards, as we found out.

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